Virtual museum: the most special cultural plan

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I had to write my college essay about virtual museums, I found some useful information I would like to share with you.

Virtual museum: the cultured plan

Although confinement to the home adds up to hours and can challenge optimism at times, making a change of perspective is easier when you have resources at your disposal such as those proposed in this post.

Have you thought about including in your agenda virtual visits to museums? Do you know which ones are the most interesting?

Virtual Museum: a good plan for confinement

While it is true that some museums, such as the Prado, guaranteed free admission to students up to the age of 25, having their entire collection at your disposal from the comfort of your home is an advantage.

Some portals offer selections of virtual visits to museums. This is the case of National Geographic, Canva, Sincopyright or Europapress.

There are options, and many. Now you need to organize your time well in order to make your study obligations compatible with a visit to the virtual museum of your choice every day. It's a luxury and it doesn't cost any money. Have you ever thought of taking a walk among famous artists' paintings through the net today?

Virtual visits to museums: culture in times of pandemic

Before you decide on a virtual museum or another, here is a summary of the most attractive features of some of them:

Louvre Museum: one of the most complete virtual visits to museums, with different tour possibilities, such as the one that includes its collection of Egyptian antiques, or the virtual access to the Petite Galerie, where works by Rembrandt or Delacroix are kept.

British Museum: Another virtual museum that adapts its website to the needs of art lovers in times of pandemic and allows you to get lost among centuries of art using its search engine.

MET Museum. Although the popular MET Gala has been postponed and the date has not yet been set, those who want to open their mouths can access 5,000 years of art from all over the planet via the Internet. Virtual visits to museums like this one can be organized for study purposes, using the collection search engine; or as a leisure alternative, with the fun METKids proposal that includes videos, maps, questions and answers and even an intriguing time machine.

Unlike a walking tour of its facilities, which would not allow you, you now have the possibility of enjoying the taste of your favorite tea or the aroma of the coffee of your choice while you enjoy these art treasures.

When you choose the virtual museum you want to visit today, encourage one of your friends to accompany you, from their own computer, so that the experience becomes more realistic and allows you to share impressions.

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