What are the limitations/disadvantages of lasers?

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Like any other treatment modality, laser hair removal has its own share of disadvantages either. The most important ones which a beginner must know are…

Laser hair removal cannot officially be labeled as being a permanent solution, although a lot of clients report permanent reduction.

Dark-skinned individuals and specially tanned patients are at high risk for pigmentary alterations and sometimes burns or blisters.

The later one might bear cosmetic significance for those wary about it.

It is a biggie if you are dark-skinned and also extra conscious cosmetically. But be informed that there have been significant developments on the laser scene to counteract this limitation. So, it should not discourage you from checking out your local laser centers. One or more of them might have a safe laser solution for you.

Also, normally these pigmentary changes or lesions should disappear within a few days to weeks. Patch Tests over a small area of skin could go a long way, in preventing this from happening - at all.

Are there any side effects or complications of laser hair removal?

There are a few side effects/complications, which can be associated with laser hair removal.

The best thing regarding these complications is that they are all very minor and preventable, with proper pre-treatment assessment and expertise.

The most common side effects include local swelling, redness, and discomfort, which may last for one to three days.

Another major side effect, that laser treatment has to admit to, is the pigmentary alterations (temporary skin lightening or darkening) in dark-skinned or tanned clients. It may take weeks or months before these changes regress to normal.

It may sometimes go to the extent of burning and blistering of the skin (rarely though).

Other possible yet rare side effects include herpes simplex and a few bacterial or viral infections. (So is the case with any other skin lesion i.e. a burn /blister, if incurred)

What happens during a Laser or IPL treatment?

What to expect during the laser hair removal procedure?

Well, nothing to be frightened of at least! The procedure begins with your doctor or technician applying a local anesthetic spray if needed. A cooling gel is applied over the skin area under treatment. If you are using the Bareskin machine then you would not need to apply any kind of anesthetic spray.

The professional must begin by ensuring or making the adjustments over the laser machine regarding pulse width, fluence etc. according to the requirements in your case.

The laser machine consists of a console and a handheld device. It is only the handheld laser tool that will bother you for a while during the procedure.

The treatment begins by wearing protective eyewear by both you and the treating doctor. This ensures eye protection from laser beams.

Now the device is held over the target area which emits pulsed laser beams to target hair follicles in the growing stage of their life cycle. The laser beams destroy those particular follicles by heating and then burning. This is the time when you may smell the burnt odor.

The process may take anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours depending upon the area being treated.

That's all... the process is over and you are up and running again!

Go here for more detailed and a hopelessly funny narration with tips on the laser hair removal process.

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